Tiny Home Ventures

Our love of less living space, more life experiences and the freedom it offers finds its place in the tiny home movement. Possessing 38 years of home design, construction and remodeling, we have established Tiny Home Ventures Inc., the first and sole builder of tiny homes on wheels in Central New York. With particular attention to quality, thoughtful design and one’s specific needs, our beautifully crafted tiny homes are custom and unique to the individuals that own them. It is our passion to build tiny homes that people can actually live in and that truly match their lifestyle.

NOAH Certified

The safety and quality of your tiny home is important to us. Therefore, each THV tiny home is NOAH certified. NOAH (the National Organization for Alternative Housing, Inc.) is a national trade organization for builders of tiny homes on wheels that are, “suitable for permanent, full-time or part-time residential living.” Current nationally recognized construction and energy efficiency standards for building and RV industries are combined to create NOAH standards and NOAH members are required to adhere to them. NOAH standards include: NFPA (National Fire Protection Association), NEC (National Electrical Code), IRC (International Residential Code), and NHTSA (National Highway and Transportation Safety Association), along with paying particular attention to the unique characteristics of tiny houses on wheels by incorporating the American Tiny House Association’s Construction Guidelines. NOAH visually inspects each tiny home at specific stages during the building process. Once the inspection process is complete, your home receives a plaque with a serial number. Your inspection records are archived by NOAH and are available for future review if needed.